Share Painless Green with your class, school, company, or organization–or with your clients and prospects–and save!

The $9.95 purchase of Painless Green gets you only a single copy for yourself. Passing it around unauthorized is a form of theft called copyright infringement. But I know you’ll want to share this powerful bunch of tips, so I’ve set things up so you can share it cheaply.

You can buy a license for any number of copes. If you buy 100 or more, we’ll even put your name and a custom message on the cover. Here are the prices per copy (in US dollars):

One copy: $9.95
2-10 copies: $9.00
11-20: $8.00
21-50: $6.00
51-80: $5.00
81-100: $4.00
101-200: $3.00
201-1000: $2.00
1000+: $1.00

Oh, and Shel is also available to speak, and even to conduct an Easy Green Audit for you.  Click here to contact Shel.

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